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Meet the Girls

Our girls are confident inside and out. Our girls embody femininity. Our girls are fearless. Mimi Kini has always been about embracing strong women who come in a range of shapes and sizes. We hope the sizes and measurements of our girls help you choose the kini that is perfect for you. 


+ Height: 172cm/5'6"
+ Dress: 6-8 AUS
+ Cup: C
+ Bust: 88cm/34”
+ Waist: 68cm/26”
+ Hips: 87cm/34”
+ Wears Mimi Kini size S


+ Height: 177cm/5'8"
+ Dress: 14-16 AUS
+ Cup: C
+ Bust: 98cm/38.5"
+ Waist: 82cm/32.5"
+ Hips: 119cm/47"
+ Wears Mimi Kini size XL-XXL



+ Height: 167cm/5'4.5"
+ Dress: 10-12 AUS
+ Cup: H
+ Bust: 96cm/38"
+ Waist: 81cm/32"
+ Hips: 101cm/40"
+ Wears Mimi Kini size M-L bottom and XL top


+ Height: 162/5'3"
+ Dress: 6 AUS
+ Cup: B
+ Bust: 81cm/32"
+ Waist: 60cm/23"
+ Hips: 81cm/32"
+ Wears Mimi Kini size XS